Raised around the globe I settled in Los Angeles, California after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. I translated my passion for art and design into fabricating gold, silver and bronze into jewelry. Working from a studio in the hills of Echo Park where I live with my husband and two daughters, I design bold and classic forms using personal motifs inspired from a family history in art, fashion, design and my travels.

 Japonism is a great influence. I am inspired by design that translates natural materials, textures and forms in ways that can be worn timelessly and also continue to reflect contemporary style.

My passion is to continue this tradition with an intense dedication to fine quality and chic silhouettes.

All my materials are sourced in and around Los Angeles. I use a foundry in LA for my bronze work and purchase my leather & hardware from various Los Angeles suppliers. I  fabricate, cast and hand polish all hardware. I believe this adds to the warmth and spirit of the pieces. The small family owned businesses that I work with are a close extension of my studio.

I feel inspired when wearing a great belt, bag or piece or jewelry. I design pieces for myself and ultimately for those who also feel inspired to wear them.

From my life to yours,
Samantha Grisdale